Mind Your Makeup

According  to a study in the Journal of Perception, men perceived women more prestigious that wore make-up and women concluded other women as more dominant.  Wow...so if you thought your foundation, mascara, or lipstick was just makeup it's so much more. 

To find out if the perception resonated with women we mentioned the study and asked for feedback.  The response from women was yes, having their face done made them feel more confident.  They felt put together and beautiful.

Acne, skin allergies, and other makeup related side effects are derived from products that contain chemicals that do not benefit the skin naturally.

Elevate your beauty with AngelicLuxe Cosmetic and Skincare. We use botanical ingredients that are plant-based non-allergenic that benefits the skin. Your skin will look radiant and feel hydrated.

Some side effects of chemically based makeup include headaches, acne and, skin allergies. With Angelicluxe Cosmetic and Skincare products you can feel beautiful and confident that your skin stays healthy. 

Featured Product:

Brightening Face Serum  made with green tea and lemon balm botanicals. Your skin will appear smoother, brighter and younger-looking.  


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